vMiniWB.com: Training Workshop for teachers

vMiniWB = virtual Mini WhiteBoards

Setting expectations

vMiniWB.com is NOT:

vMiniWB.com is different. vMiniWB.com ENABLES:

So vMiniWB.com is not like most Teacher 'Whiteboard' Apps. The emphasis is quite different. It is student focused and much more like using physical mini-whiteboards. So it's usage will be different and possibly even include new teaching methods, as the interactive and see-as-they-write aspects make this more than just a replacement set of physical mini-whiteboards.

Logging in for the first time

Set up a new class

Guidance to give to students

The two key things are probably to stress:

  1. "I will need you to save a bookmark, so you can start vMiniWB really quickly on future occasions." and
  2. "In order to remember your account, vMiniWB needs to use cookies, so please make sure you're not incognito."

Your first session

Our training now

Suggested training 'tasks'

These instructions are targeted at the 'teacher'. The 'students' should co-operate as cooperative pretend students.

  1. Clear the student screens and use the top left admin board to draw a noughts and crosses board. Hold 'shift' or '/' to draw straight lines.
  2. Play turns individually, so students in blue, teacher in red to grasp the interaction.
  3. Hold 't' and click on a student board to 'tick' if they win. Hold 'x' and click on a student board to add a 'cross'.
  4. Experiment with sorting the boards by pressing i, r, h, c, v, s, f, b or e (See help link at the top of the screen for details). I mostly use i, but sometimes r.

Swap roles

3 or 4 minutes should be enough to have got started and to have had a game of noughts and crosses.

Swap over, so each person gets a go at being teacher with everyone else joining their class.

Advanced teacher skills 1

You should each have a class with some students, so all log back in as teacher, so you can now all be teacher...

Advanced teacher skills 2

Training summary