vMiniWB.com: virtual Mini WhiteBoards

Why use Mini Whiteboards?

What is special about vMiniWB.com?

vMiniWB is designed to give 2-way interactive teaching with a class full of students, either in class or remotely online. vMiniWB takes using mini whiteboards up to a whole new level (see our why page) boosting confidence and engagement of students in a revolutionary fashion.

How it works:

Students individually write on their own board which you as a teacher see and can then write on too. You can also write initial scaffolding on all boards simultaneously. Scaffolding in black. Students write in blue. Individual teacher marking in red.

vMiniWB then adds keyboard shortcuts to inject a burst of speed, intelligent sorting to bring the boards that need your attention most to the top and a dynamic, live attendance register that shows who is (and isn't) actively joined.

Students (*) say using vMiniWB:

(*): Based on an anonymous survey of 33 KS5 students. 100% of those with touch-screen devices indicated significant gain in all 3 categories above. 97%, 97% and 79% of all students indicated a gain in those categories respectively with indifference expressed by the others.


Touch screens provide the best experience. A tablet is ideal. If you have a touch-screen stylus, even better.


A device with a keyboard and a larger screen is a must. A touch-sensitive screen gives the best experience, but a mouse can still work OK. Optimal for classroom use is a large-screened laptop with touch-sensitive screen and stylus. Another excellent alternative is attaching a usb graphics drawing tablet.



vMiniWB was started in 2017 for use in classrooms, but elevated in priority when its virtual/remote potential was realised during the pandemic. It is likely you'll find it a useful tool in both environments.

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